A Problem Solver…

There is this line that goes around our house…”Be a problem solver.” Yours too?? Oh good, we’re on the same page. This is something I want my girls to know. Don’t see a problem and stop. Try to figure out what you are going to do about it. Apparently it’s a lesson I needed to learn too.

About a year and a half ago, I felt like the kids in our church weren’t learning what it meant to serve. And I complained about it….with a little nudging from the Holy Spirit, I realized I needed to do the very thing that I tell my kids every day…be a problem solver.

Hello 2nd Annual Spring Training Mission Weekend!!

These weekends are filled different mission and outreach projects, devotionals, small group time, games..all the things. However, that’s not what I am here to share with you. I am here to share with you the moments, where if you were me, you would be looking at the situation and thinking, “really??”. All while keeping a calm, cool, collected, even excited expression on your face…unless it’s the one about sleeping, then you’re just trying to get warm, but we will get to that in a bit…so here it is…


  • Spring Training starts at 5 pm….I got a migraine at 11…like a eyes can’t see, mouth can’t talk, pounding kind of migraine…really??? Right now? Really??


  • I am all for donating things we no longer use/need to shelters, rescue missions, Goodwill, etc….however, there is no reason to ever donate your used underwear. Those, when you’re done with them, for whatever reason, they need to go straight to the dumpster. If you are really concerned about the homeless having underwear, the best thing you can do is go to the store, buy a new package, and donate those. Please, save us all from having to go through the bag of donations only to find that the thing that is between the rest of the clothes in my armload and my actual arm is your dirty underwear…Really??


  • I am actually quite certain it is not necessary to scream the entire 40 minutes we are playing sardines in the dark in the church. I think we could actually survive if there were a few pauses every now and then. Really! I think we would make it.


  • All the kids are finally asleep, I am preparing to man my post in the hallway, just mere footsteps from the boys’ room and the girls’ room. My sleeping bag, however is no where to be found. And I mean no where. I cannot locate this thing for the life of me. Luckily, there is a sleeping bag in our nearby prop closet…it is the size of a small 3rd grader and probably cost about $3 brand new. I mean I really think it says something about your sleeping conditions when, the fact that you are sleeping on a hard floor without any kind of mattress or padding, isn’t actually the worst part of said sleeping conditions. The best part of this though is that the next morning, I walk in our boys’ room during breakfast and what do I see laying there? Oh my sleeping bag, freshly slept in by a sweaty 4th or 5th grade boy. And, this is the next best part…right next to it is an unused sleeping back still in its stuff sack, which is where it was all. night. long. Really???



In all seriousness though, I would take these things 1,000 times if it meant that I also get to see the lightbulb click for even one kid, as they realize that it is choosing to love those around us with our little decisions each day that is going to change the world. And that’s not a pat on the back for me. The greatness is that Jesus shows up for our kids in moments like these and that is something these kids won’t ever forget. So here is to many more “really?!?” moments as God takes each of these souls into His hands and molds them!


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