Embracing Change


Sometimes its hard. Really hard.

A few weeks ago, I posted this. In all my heart, I felt like God was calling us to adopt from Haiti. That is where our child was. We had chosen our agency. We were going to move forward. Then I found out that Haiti is so backlogged with their adoption paperwork, that most agencies were not accepting Haiti applications. And wouldn’t be for an unknown amount of time, if ever. Our agency was one of those that wasn’t accepting applications.

In the week since we found this out, we have made some pretty big decisions, which means there are some pretty big changes happening too.

First, the agency that we had chosen was a for sure thing for us. We wanted to stay with that agency. After looking at the different programs that agency offers, we decided that their China Program was the right one for us. And we are thrilled!!

Knowing that now, I almost deleted the adoption post I referred to earlier. How in the world can I leave something up there that says my child is in Haiti, when we are now adopting from China????

My goal has always been to write on this blog so that people can see the journey we are on. The whole journey. Not just the easy parts. The whole thing.

So yes, I thought we were adopting from Haiti. I thought that was right thing for us. But it wasn’t. God shut doors in a big way and, as hard as that was, it is a part of our story. It is what led us to China. It is what led us to realize how much we liked our agency. It is a big part of our journey. And I want you all to be able to see that.

To see the hard just as much as the easy; to realize that the journey to adopt is not black and white; to see how God will open and shut doors throughout the process; to see that plans change, lives change, things change, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t in control of each of those changes.


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