Who knew that a  5  almost 6 year old’s activities could cause such a tug of war on a Mama’s heart? I was mostly clueless. Maybe that explains my emotional state this past week? Sometimes it leaves me breathless, or with wet eyeballs, but also with a full heart. This is my tug of war.

Kindergarten; a time that you look forward to for so long, and then when the first day comes, it takes your breath away.

Kindergarten; a thing that you talk about, daily, getting your girl so excited for, and then your eyeballs get a little wet when you leave her there and drive away.

Kindergarten; a time when you are so proud as your child runs to the playground, almost forgetting to wave goodbye, but also so sad that they don’t hold on for a little longer.

Kindergarten; a time when someone else teaches and takes care of your kid, but also a time when you’re a little sad that someone else is teaching and taking care of your child.

Kindergarten; a time where you’re excited that your child has an opportunity, for the almost the first time in her life, to be Jesus to those around her who don’t know about Him, even the littlest ways; but also terrified that that is not what all her classmates are also hoping to be.

Kindergarten; a time when you pray more for your child then ever before…and then wonder how much you’re going to have to be on your knees when Middle School and High School roll around.

Kindergarten; a time when you get to see your child, with a bit of independence, with a chance to make choices without you there, and you realize that they are making choices that make you so proud and humble all at the same time.

Kindergarten; a time when you feel all the feels you didn’t even know you could feel and you realize your heart still hasn’t burst.

Kindergarten; a sad and happy time, all at the same time.

And we will make it.


Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

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