Little Moments

Some days, as a mom, I feel like I fail my two sweet girls. I spend more time disciplining and overseeing them than I do being with them. I get busy with laundry, dishes, and cleaning bathrooms. I breathe a sigh of relief when it is nap time and bedtime. Often in the mornings, I say to myself, today will be different. And I try to make BIG changes. BIG changes aren’t lasting changes though. BIG changes are daunting. It is then that I reminded that all I need are little moments.

Each day, I need a “little moment” with each of my girls. It can be playing a game of Jenga will I’m cooking dinner; it can be sitting on the couch reading a book with one of them in my lap; it can be a tickle match on the floor; and it can even be singing songs with the littlest one while she is on the potty trying to make pee-pee come.

It does not have to be glamorous, or BIG. Once a day, make the little moment with your child the one that matters the most.


And, I’ve found, that most of the time, it is the little moments that are the best moments. It is the ones at the end of the day that I look back on and love the most.


So, I encourage you, today, to take time for the little moments. Make them a priority. Put down your phone for 10 minutes and embrace the uninterrupted time with your kid.

It really is the best.

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