Words With Kids – Take 1

Kids say the best things, am I right? Hearing the words they have to say are one of the things I LOVE most about having children. Here are a few from the last few days with my girls.

1. Chocolate Milk///   Just this week Kennedy starting putting two and three words together…her absolute favorite combination – chocolate milk, please. Her reaction when I say no isn’t quite as polite.

2. Sunsets///  I don’t even remember what night it was, but we noticed there was a beautiful sunset and I took Emma outside with me to look at it. She said “Look Mom, God painted the sky!”

Yes, sweet girl. Yes He did.

3. Soccer/// I made the comment to Eric the other day that I think I would be really bad at soccer. I can run and kick a ball just fine, but I just never played, so I have no clue about the strategy or the game play that goes along with soccer. Give me a volleyball and I am all over it, but soccer has just never been a sport I’ve watched or played much…Emma heard our conversation and probably about an hour later, after she had thought about it a long time, says to me: “Mom, i played soccer, I think I could teach you how to play! We will do lessons in the backyard.” Now, this is most hilarious because of Emma’s track record with soccer….Let me give you a quick rundown…a. she sobbed her way through the first game, and never actually made it onto the field. b. her first goal was scored after she kicked the ball out of bounds, ran, picked it up, carried it to right in front of the goal, and kicked it in. We had told her the only way you can touch the ball with your hands is if it goes out of bounds…we will be more detailed in our explanations from here on out. c. when Emma played, they played 3 on 3, so usually 5 of the players were near the soccer ball, and then there was Emma. She would either be at the other end of the field, completely oblivious, or she would be running large circles around the group of kids with the ball…never really with the intention of trying to get the ball.

4. Bless You/// Kennedy just started offering “bless you’s” to people after they sneeze. Unprompted. It is just the cutest! “Bless you daddy” “Bless you Kennedy”…whoever it is, they always get a blessing!

5. The other night on the way to Bible study, Emma asked what cemeteries were. This led to a conversation about our souls and heaven and all the things. I feel so inadequate at times like this and I just pray that God can take my words and my answers and make them exactly what Emma needs to hear. That girl’s soul is something I’ve prayed for since the moment I found out I was pregnant.

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